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"There are no glaring differences between reputable hygiene companies, which can make choosing one quite difficult. What sets our PEST MANAGEMENT SERVICES apart from our competitors is our ability to provide wide variety services consistently and at a very competitive price. In a parity market our service makes the difference."
Rudi Ollsson

To provide a service of high quality and great excellence to ensure customers satisfaction.
Pest control being one of our main focuses we always ensure the best result at the most competitive price.
We are aware that certain activities associated with our business have the potential to adversely affect our environment, and thus we are committed to ensuring that the highest standards of environmentally-friendly practices are always observed.

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Rudi Ollsson


Cell: +27 74 494 5588




Cell: +27 74 049 7777

Exceptional Expertise

Customer reviews

The best pest treatment company in the Western Cape. Good work. Staffs are very co-operative and sincere. I was totally satisfied with their work and would recommend them.
Adam Sendler
Head Chef
Amazing quality products and friendly staff. Fast service and job well done. Great Company to deal with. Highly recommended.
Mila Kunis

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Pests in your garden & home?

We take care of garden pests without harming your loving pets.

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How do I keep my office area sterilised and safe from the Corona-Virus

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How to get rid of birds at your warehouse.

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Tips on keeping your garden pest free.

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We always ensure the best result at the most competitive price.

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